The Coaching Ecosystem

Keemotion​ is the​ technology hub that the​ Columbia Lions rely on for​ their game review, analytics, and filming​ needs. Instead of sourcing multiple technologies from multiple companies, Columbia’s men’s and women’s basketball teams are using Keemotion’s automated technology ecosystem to help fuel their return to the top of the Ivy League.

Jim Engles
As coaches we must maximize every minute we are able to spend coaching our student athletes. With Keemotion we are more efficient, analyzing game and practice film in real time. ​ Instead of waiting hours for our film to be broken down, we teach in the moment and make adjustments on the fly.

Columbia University

Jim Engles

Head Coach Men's Basketball

At Keemotion we provide a comprehensive solution for coaches through our automated technology. ​ Instead of filming practices and games through a handheld camera, our automated cameras capture and live stream all of your videos straight to our iPad app or your third party analytics software like SportsCode or Synergy.

Our automated tagging technology identifies and labels every scoring play and possession allowing you to easily find and review specific plays or highlights. Don’t wait for your game or practice to end, use our live stream to teach your players in the moment or review first half film to make second half adjustments.

We also help teams find new ways to engage fans and alumni through our integrated social media tools. ​ At Columbia we are working with the basketball coaches and administration to livestream a pre-season scrimmage over Facebook Live. ​ Columbia wants to build excitement around their program and show recruits what it's like to be an athlete at one of the nation’s leading universities and they are using Keemotion to do it.

Columbia University

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Keemotion an Atrium Sports Company

Changing the game

We are changing how sport is organized, played, commercialized and experienced around the world.

In 2019 Keemotion merged with Atrium sports to offer a technology stack that provides broadcasters, leagues, sports teams, with an end-to-end fully automated production solution.