French Basketball: Everywhere at Every Level

Professional basketball leagues and media broadcast companies have long depended on one another to bring sport to fans around the world. In August of 2015, the FFBB & LNB signed an agreement with SFR, the French telecommunications company, "to bring unprecedented production levels, distribution and promotion for French basketball," according to FFBB President, Jean‐Pierre Siutat. This agreement will bring every French professional basketball game to fans from the top leagues including the LNB PRO A, the LNB PRO B, and the LFB 1.

Jean-pierre Siutat
The global system that we are going to set up to monitor French basketball competitions is unprecedented, both in terms of production, broadcasting and promotion.

Fédération française de basket‐ball

Jean‐Pierre Siutat

FFBB President

Keemotion was incorporated within both divisions of the LNB Pro A and Pro B. Our automated production system is trusted to capture every live event, including the action, the audio, and the data without the need for human intervention — neither camera crews nor production trucks. The technology allowed SFR and the FFBB to capture every moment, live stream globally, and distribute the content through linear and digital channels, as well as the LNB iPad application.

As of September 2017, Keemotion became the automated production partner for all 12 teams in the LFB, the top women's pro basketball league in France. Across all three leagues, Keemotion has taken the production of French basketball from 4 games per week — to over 20.

Keemotion delivered on the promise "to bring unprecedented production levels, distribution and promotion for French basketball."

The agreement achieved four objectives:

  1. Reach the largest number of viewers via a simple subscription system
  2. Increase the visibility of both national championships and special events
  3. Build a media partnership that supports French basketball in projects today and into the future
  4. Ensure the financial sustainability of the FFBB & LNB

As the agreement was signed, the challenge now was to produce an unparalleled volume of content for the broad scope of French professional basket-ball. SFR became responsible for broadcasting and live streaming five entire seasons of basketball across three professional leagues.

This presented a programming and production conundrum on in three specific ways:

  • Produce and live stream every game
  • Reach and connect with the largest number of viewers
  • Reduce production costs and create economic opportunity

Outside of production, SFR needed a content distribution gameplan. With a larger audience of viewers across varying levels of pro basketball, SFR formed new digital content channels, to complement linear broadcasts, to engage the French sports fan base.

This came to be in three ways:

  • Rebranding Ma Chaîne Sport to SFR Sport 2 for OTT digital live streaming
  • Creating the LNB Apple iPad Application for fan engagement
  • Embracing Keemotion's automated technology for production

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Keemotion an Atrium Sports Company

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In 2019 Keemotion merged with Atrium sports to offer a technology stack that provides broadcasters, leagues, sports teams, with an end-to-end fully automated production solution.