Solutions for coaching

Solutions for coaching

Improve your game while playing and saving time

Keemotion automated production
Automated filming of your games and practices

Identify easily specific drills. Provide your players with video feedback during practices so they can directly see strategy or what needs to be improved.

Keemotion real time streaming
Video directly available

Recording and streaming are automatic. Footage is easily searchable by period clock or scoreboard points. To create personalized lists, simply clicking a button on your screen creates a manual tag for searching and viewing later on. Interact directly with your content through dedicated iPad applications

Basketball practice recording
Unlimited access

The number of recordings is unlimited for your league. You have the opportunity to learn from each and every time your team hits the court.

Basketball ipad coaching app
No waiting

Instant access to games and practices as they happen. All valuable coaching information is in the palm of your hand and available on your smart device. Watch, dissect and discuss the action at halftime.

Post game practice playlist
Create playlists

Have tailored footage tags you create in areas you deem important. Post-game or practices discussions can refer to specific moments in time or certain players. Tagging according to certain behaviors or actions make it easy for coaches to create videos specific to a team's strengh or weakness.

Review basketball games
Save time

Review practice and game actions without having to spend hours searching footage. Evaluate previous games, tag and create playlists without requiring an Internet connection.

Share sports content

Directly share the most critical actions, drills that your players should have a focus on. The content shared from your iPad can be read on any mobile device or PC.


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